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Type CHHH Arrangement for Flocked Household Gloves

Preliminary specification

High volume chain plant for continuous production
of flock lined household gloves without bead.

Global description of the machine
Designed for high volume, low cost output, the plant is a chain conveying system operating along two horizontal planes in a continuous loop.
To ensure consistent high quality of product output, formers are dipped vertically. Rates of entry and withdrawal can be varied independent of chain speed. Formers are cleaned thoroughly on each cycle.
Sensitive electronic control of chain speed ensures smooth chain operation, compensating for load variance and chain tension. Chain speed is infinitely variable.
Reliability, minimum maintenance and long chain life by avoiding undulating track are further economic and operational features of this system.
Oven zoning with individual temperature control ensures correct temperature gradient. Gloves come off the line dry and fully cured, ready for packaging.


Plant Dimensions

Length approx. 50,000 mm
Width approx. 4,350 mm
Height approx. 3,376 mm

Production Capacity

4,000 pairs per hour, depending machine type.


glove machineFormers (to fill plant)

Approximately 4,088 pcs.


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